Located on an expansive lake in Central Florida this home encompasses over 33,000 sq. ft. Desire and destiny have come together allowing for expectations to be heart-felt in the development of this estate.   The exterior style has hints of classical Greek and the interior transitions to elegant modern styling through the home. Situated on a lake lot with sufficient the residence is split in vertical elevation. From the front the residence is a two story, and while the rear the home transitions to a three story estate with grandeur. There are a cache of amenities throughout the estate. These amenities include Grand Living, Master Suite, Pool Cabana, indoor half-court basketball court, exercise gym, bowling alley and home theater, pool cabana, outdoor pergola with motorized sun louver ceiling allowing the sun to be adjusted as you see fit. The home also facilitates a library, gallery space and multiple lounges are located around the home for the quieter times along with a studio space for when you’re feeling creative. If you’re feeling cramped, step outside onto one of the nine covered porches, dip a toe in the 118 ft. swimming pool or kick a ball around on the soccer field. The main level of the home is more formal and has a catering kitchen, and the lower level is for the family and friends and has its own kitchen and breakfast room. The Family level opens onto the pool and other amenities is the family. The top most level is private family quarters. The architecture is by the Nasrallah Architectural Group and interior design is by Marc-Michaels. We welcome you to follow along as this dream home comes to life.

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